Pavel Braila Artist from Moldova, Won Celeste Prize 2013


International contemporary arts prize

at FIENAROLI 28, Rome, Italy, 7-15 December 2013

Organised by Celeste Network

On Saturday 7 December hundreds of arts lovers gathered with Celeste Prize finalists and the prize curator Ami Barak to determine with  their votes this year’s winners who received 20.000 € in cash prizes. Comment by the prize’s chief curator, Ami Barak:

"After a virtual existence, the works of artists shortlisted for Celeste Prize 2013 came to life on the walls of Spazio FIENAROLI 28 in Rome. The exhibition has proven to be rich and strong in spirit, and has shown that the choice of winners made by the artists themselves was fair and that their high quality led to the awards that motivated the participation of so many artists. Among them we found emerging artists, in the early days of their career, but also established artists. More importantly the works resonated with great intelligence and sophistication which proves that talent nowadays is not only aesthetic but also intellectual."

Painting & Graphics Prize- Winner – 4.000 € – Noa Giniger, The Sorrow the Joy Brings

Photography & Digital Graphics Prize – Winner – 4.000 € – Alexander Solomon, David and the Climb Up

Video & Animation Prize -Winner – 4.000 € – Pavel Braila, Ink Ribbon Fingerprints

Installation, Sculpture, Live Media & Performance Prize – Winner – 4.000 € – LAB BINAER & Felix Weinold, White Noise

Curator’s Choice Prize – 3.500 €

The prize was divided equally between: Dominique Blais, Ring; Ana Prvacki, DIY Chivalry

Visitors Prize – 500 € – Cristina Gardumi, Adults don’t exist

40 Finalists:

EXHIBITION: Celeste Prize 2013, 5th edition

LOCATION: Fienaroli 28 exhibition space (ex-Bibli), Via dei Fienaroli 28 , Trastevere, Rome, Italy

OPENING OF THE SHOW : Saturday 7 December, 2pm

AWARDS : Saturday 7 December, 7.30pm

END SHOW : Sunday 15 December, 7pm

HOURS : Daily: 3pm > 7.30pm


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