OstLicht Gallery: A Double Life

René Burri

Doppelleben (A Double Life)

17.01. – 15.03.2014

René Burri helped shape the history of photography in the 20th century. Many of his images, such Che Guevara with cigar or the works on Le Corbusier, are known throughout the world. Burri meticulously archived all his photo-essays in the form of contact prints that allow us to retrace how the photographer approached his themes, subjects, and the people he portrayed – the stories behind the icons become visible. Without doubt he belongs to the protagonists of a color photography that has artistic aspirations. After working as a photographer for five decades René Burri can look back on a rich body of work in color which this exhibition now examines and acclaims as an independent contribution to “New Color”. 

Thus, the exhibition presents a largely unknown area of the oeuvre of this great Swiss photographer. As a tribute to his 80th birthday, it retraces two main lines of a remarkable photographer life – or as René Burri puts it himself:

“As a photographer I have led a double life – one in black and white and one in color.”

An exhibition of the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich.

Selected photographs on display by René Burri can be purchased in the gallery OstLicht.

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