Open Systems: Issue 3

Open Systems is pleased to present Issue 3 in which the guest editor Saša Nabergoj intends to explore and generate new ideas on current curatorial practices that bear the important overarching shifts. The issue evaluates prevailing models of the curatorial activity from curating that “situates itself between research, teaching and reform” to also understand curatorial practice in its diversity as something beyond the realm of art.

The project curators Aneta Stojnić and Nikola Dedić address in ARTSLAB 3 the need of re-thinking the politics of memory as a crucial aspect in understanding the present – since the power over memory is the power over identity – towards "re-reading" Yugoslavia in the light of the current national-capitalistic consensus and its consequences.

Issue 3 

Guest editor: Saša Nabergoj

Title: Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

Or a Few Notes on Shifts in Curatorial Practice

This issue of Open Systems presents debates on different formats of curatorial work; analysis, reflections, the conceptualising of a potential future rearrangement of components of curatorial practises, its interviewing of art and theory production, art criticism and education.

… Try Again. Fail again. Fail better… The famous Beckett line nicely sums up the para-curating approach. One can only fail better if one understands failure as potential for learning, and thus while working and experimenting develops one’s practice and thinking further. Another important principle that should also be transferred beyond the realm of art.

Contributors: Andrzej Szczerski, Nora Sternfeld and Luisa Ziaja, Suzana Milevska, Paul O’Neill, Sarat Maharaj


Project curators: Aneta Stojnić and Nikola Dedić

Title of the exhibition: De/Re/Construction: Time, Space, Memories in ex-Yugoslavia

De/Re/Construction: Time, Space, Memories in ex-Yugoslavia focuses on setting up a flexible and critical dialog platform on which the participants will meet to review the Yugoslav heritage in the contemporaneity. The title of the exhibition "De/Re/Construction: Time, Space, Memories" refers to the geopolitical and symbolical space of ex-Yugoslavia i.e. to re-thinking Yugoslavia in post-Yugoslavian art practices.

Participating artists: Marina Gržinić, TkH (Walking Theory), Danilo Prnjat, The Culture of Memory and Andrea Palasti, Doplgenger, Abart, The Monument Group, Four Faces of Omarska, Jelena Vesić, Dubravka Sekulić, The Context Collective, Center for New_Media

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