Open Space, Open Systems: Is this all there is?

Guy Ben-Ner – Stealing Beauty, Video, 2008. Courtesy of the artist and Konrad Fischer Galerie

18th November – 15th December 2011
OPENING: 17th November, 7 PM – 9.30 PM

PROJECT CURATORS: Gulsen Bal and Alenka GregoriC

Participating artists: Guy Ben-Ner, Ibro HasanoviC, IRWIN, Milica Tom

Round table talk/discussion: No(W)Here by Nermin Saybaşılı
19 November, 17.00

Location: Open Space, Open Systems

Additional publication will accompany the project in an Intellect publication, UK.

A special issue: Is this all there is? (coming out in December 2011)
Journal of Visual Art Practice
Editor: Christopher Smith
Guest Editor: Gülsen Bal
Guest Co-Editor: Alenka Gregorič

How can we link the idea that is related with the issue of sovereignty and territorial integrity that traces the non-alignment movement initiated in 1955 with today’s society? So, how can we read the historical roots of non-alignment? How can we escape from being always placed in either East or West or/and North or South without having any influence on basic fact of place of birth? How can one stop this ever going process? We cannot ignore basic facts but we can decide that we don’t want to be faced with an accomplished fact. Can we start to act non-aligned… not being anywhere but being everywhere?

Here there is a need to turn to the “East reading East” coded analyses with the hope to reveal the problematic that arises in its immediate effects on political praxis. For that reason this project aims to create new concepts in its reference to the “new liminal practices, [which] open up the social field to the possibility of manifold instantiations […] and thereby ensure the proximity of the creation of values and the production of subjectivity […] between being as difference and subjectivity as processual and transient actualisation”. How, then, is it possible to move beyond the realm of representation in which the relations of agency to the admission of indeterminacy are conceived?

Lassingleithnerplatz 2
1020 Vienna

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