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The project ArtUP!, in unique collaboration with artists and curators from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, aims to create an online and on-site network in the three countries and to provide a platform for artists, curators and a wide audience in this deeply and diversely related region.

Open Call 'future past – past future'

Did the future look better back then? Is the future today already obsolete? Or is it perhaps the past, that nowadays seems almost blissful compared to the present we're actually living in? What future utopias exist in times of social, economic and political crisis, in times of spreading poverty, corruption and mistrust towards democratic processes? Are there visions for a better future at all? Or have we already caught up with our blooming future visions and dumped them into the trash can of history?

Curator of the exhibition is Sandra Naumann.

Location and dates

The exhibition future past – past future will be part of the programme of transmediale, festival for art and digital culture in Berlin. The exhibition takes place from Saturday, 25 Jan until Sunday, 02 Feb 2014. future past – past future will also be presented online on the ArtUP! platform.

Conditions for participation

Any artist from Bulgaria, Greece or Turkey, whose artwork is media art based, can apply for participation in the exhibition. 

The curator of the exhibition selects artists from each country (Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey) among those who have uploaded their artworks and sent their application form to take part in the exhibition future past – past future. Each of the chosen artists will receive a remuneration of € 500,00.

From each country involved, an artist will be invited to take part in the local event during the transmediale in Berlin.

Open Call: 

Deadline for submissions: 10th November 2013 

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