Museums Quartier, Vienna: Things for Money

by Xandra Popescu and Larisa Crunțeanu

Poster by Mara Ploscaru

Saturday, April 26th, Museums Quartier, Room D

h. 20.00

The destitute widow of an army general and her strange gambling addiction. She plays the lottery and always chooses the same set of numbers. After a while her faith begins to falter. One time she doesn't get a ticket. That same week her numbers come up. The woman blames herself. Coming so close to a life of wealth and not getting it is too much to bear.

At the height of self-incrimination, she decides to take her own life. Feelings and money… What an insidious affair! Money has been defined as a general equivalent. Passion for money: an undefined desire. Wanting for Wanting. Lust for unachieved potential.

Join us in an evening of speculation and reenactment on the subject of money and regret.

For a limited number of participants. Please sign up by the 25th of April via email to:

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