Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb: L’amour du Risque

L'amour du Risque
24th April 2012 – 17th June 2012

The project „L'amour du risque,“ an exhibition that will be held at the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) on 24th April 2012, talks about basic concepts in contemporary visual culture: love and risk.

This subject matter is very interesting, simply because without love or risk we cannot evolve. The artists included in this project are very well aware of these facts, because they cannot create (as we cannot live) without embracing risk. So in our project, we talk about several risk issues such as situations that endanger one's own life, provoke mental and visual concepts or transgress social boundaries.

Almost all of the artists, more than thirty of them, presented in the exhibition „L'amour du risque“ are renowed in the contemporary art world, such as ORLAN, who questions the notion of identities, Bas Jan Ader, who pushed the limits of our notion of danger, or Paul McCarthy, who turns the ideas of children's toys upside down.

With the project „L'amour du risque“ we also want to take the opportunity to present the richness and diversity of the FRAC collection (Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain) and highlight the risk of collecting the works of emerging contemporary artists.

The exhibition will be presented in a space that spans 1.500 square meters and it will be on view from 24th of April 2012 until 17th June 2012, showcasing about 100 works by various artists. During the exhibition, we will present several renowned French performing artists and host lectures of French theoreticians. We will make a special effort to mediate between the works of art and the audience creating several highly interesting workshops for the public of all generations.

Curators of the exhibition: Leila Topic, Pascal Neveux, Emmanuel Latreille

Museum of Contemporary Art
Av. Dubrovnik 17,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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