Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow: Temptress

Charlotte Beaudry

26.06.2013 – 29.09.2013
Venue: Beta Gallery

  Charlotte Beaudry : Untitled (dionée), 2012
huile sur toile / olieverf op doek / oil on canvas
200 X 180 cm

At Charlotte Beaudry’s solo exhibition there will be more than a dozen paintings as well as sculpture and video works. The paintings are of hair, dresses, tiaras, bouquets and brightly coloured nails – accessories that are firmly rooted in the world of women. The objects are presented against a neutral background, taken out of their usual context. They provoke a flow of associations about female ‘tools' of seduction.

This perception is validated by the painting of the Venus Flytrap – a plant that lures insects to their death with its bright colour and sweet juices, as well as by the sculpture Pleasure, in which a moving finger encourages exploration, promising satisfaction. The artist displays objects used by women in seduction, while also taking on board the broadly conceived issue of consumer goods that flood our everyday life and that are difficult to do without.

                    Opening of   Charlotte Beaudry's "Temptress" (fot. Rafał Sosin)

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