Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade: Cinema by Other Means

Cinema by Other Means

11 July, 2013 – 29 September, 2013

Kino drugim sredstvima, izgled postavke, Legat Čolaković. Foto: Sasa Reljić

Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade/
Gallery-Legacy of Milica Zorić & Rodoljub Čolaković
Rodoljuba Čolakovića 2, Beograd
working hours: from 12:00 to 20:00, except Tuesdays

Cinema by Other Means

Curator: Dejan Sretenović

Miša Avramović & Milenko Jovanović, Saša Bizetić, Moni de Buli, Érik Bullot, Nikola Đurić, Jean-Luc Godard & Jean-Pierre Gorin & Anne-Marie Miéville, Tomislav Gotovac (Weekend Art), Zlatko Hajdler, Ljubiša Jocić, Milčo Mančevski, Miroslav Mandić, Davorin Marc, Dušan Matić & Aleksandar Vučo, Ivan Martinac, Ljubomir Micić, Miodrag Milošević, Mihovil Pansini, Neša Paripović, Miroslav Bata Petrović, Man Ray, Marko Ristić, Roland Sabatier, Slobodan Šijan, Ljubomir Šimunić, Miroljub Todorović, Boško Tokin, Vane Živadinović Bor

The exhibition will run until September 29, 2013

The presentation of Pavle Levi’s book Cinema by Other Means, published by the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Film Center Serbia will take place on Friday, June 21, 2013, at the premises of the Film Center Serbia, 9/III Zagrebačka St., at 12:00. Speakers: Pavle Levi, Miroljub Stojanović, Dejan Sretenović, and Slobodan Šijan.

The exhibition “Cinema by Other Means” is based on the eponym book by Pavle Levi which, after English edition (Oxford University Press, 2012), is now published in the Serbian translation. The book examines an incredibly rich history of experimental practices in which one is doing cinema using tools, materials, technologies, and techniques, by adjusting and changing these, or abandoning them altogether, these means that are traditionally seen as closely related to normative cinematographic apparatus. It is a tale of the multiple states or conditions of cinema, of a range of extraordinary, radical experiments not only with but also “around” and even without film.
Instead of the art influenced by the advent of the cinema, or that which makes reference to the cinema, Levi is concerned with the conceptualisation of the cinema itself as a particular brand of practice which, since the invention of the filming device, constitutes also a (parallel) history of performing cinema through other, often “older”, media. Drawing mostly on the examples from the historical Avant-gardes and Neo-avant-gardes―Dadaism, Surrealism, Lettrism, structural-materialist cinema―Levi comes to discover an array of peculiar and imaginative ways in which film-makers artists and writers have pondered, created, defined, performed and transformed the “movies”, with or without directly grounding their work in the materials of film. The book considers artists and theorists from all over Europe, however special attention is given to Yugoslav artistic phenomena, including visual experiments and cine-writtings of Zenitism and Belgrade Surrealism, the proto-structural anti-cinema movement from the early 1960s, Signalism, Performance art, Conceptual art, etc. The exhibition will showcase the works by Yugoslav authors discussed in the book, and, for this occasion, these are complemented with several works by foreign authors that were available to borrow.

Pavle Levi is Assistant Professor of Film Studies at Stanford University in California. He is the author of Disintegration in Frames: Aesthetics and Ideology in the Yugoslav and Post-Yugoslav Cinema. He edited an anthology of essays by Anette Michaelson, entitled Filozofska igračka (A Philosophical Toy, Samizdat/B92, 2003).

MoCAB extends its gratitude to Pavle Levi, exhibitors, and all individuals and institutions that lent us works, granted us rights, or in some other way helped bring about this exhibition: Croatian Film Federation, Academic Film Centre at the “Student City” House of Culture, Yugoslav Film Archives, University Library, Slobodan Šijan, Ivko Šešić.

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