MSU, Zagreb: Written in Water

05/02/2012 – 05/18/2012

Written in Water

Exhibition within an exhibition Collection in Motion
for the 17th museum education action of the Museum Education and Cultural Action Section of the Croatian Museum Society (HMD)
2. 5. – 18. 5. 2012
Opening: Wednesday, 2 May 2012 at 17:00

The exhibition Written in Water is part of the big educational project that takes place in 55 museums and 27 cities throughout Croatia from May 2-18, 2012, coinciding with International Museum Day, which falls on 18 May 2012.

This year, the seventeenth annual museum education action focuses on water. Its host and initiator is the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, and the Museum Education Section of the Croatian Museum Society is the organizer of the action “Water.”

The project is before all designed for young audiences – primary and secondary school students – but also for anyone who cares about water and for whom the theme of water is significant.

With this exhibition within an exhibition, in the midst of MSU’s Collection in Motion curated by Nada Beroš and Tihomir Milovac, we once again want to demonstrate that the display of MSU is not static, but is constantly changing and flowing. This impression of motion also helps these “water works,” which we have especially emphasized on this occasion with ocean-blue self-standing legends. These are the works of artists from different generations and modes of expression, like Miroslaw Balka (The Eyes of Purification), Ivan Kožarić (Fragment of the River), Dalibor Martinis (Circles Between Surfaces; New York, New York), Magdalena Pederin (Well), Vanja Radauš (Decalcomanie) and Marko Tadić (I Speak True Things).
Additionally, we filled the intriguing “museum container” with five more new works for the Collection in Motion. These are video and film works by Ivan Ladislav Galeta (Zagreb Watercolour; Water pulu 1869-1896), a video installation by Ksenija Turčić (Sunt lacrimae rerum?) and the video works of Tanja Dabo (Welcome) and Dan Oki (Generatio Aequivoca).

Just for this exhibition, the artist Ksenjia Turčić donated the video installation Sunt lacrimae rerum?/Tears of Things? to the MSU Collection of Media Art.

Artists: Miroslaw Balka, Tanja Dabo, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Ivan Kožarić, Dalibor Martinis, Dan Oki, Magdalena Pederin, Vanja Radauš, Marko Tadić i Ksenija Turčić
Curator: Nada Beroš, Head of the Educational Department

The exhibition Written in Water is accompanied by a special publication/catalogue in the form of a workbook, created for children in the upper levels of primary school and in secondary school. Tena Letica designed and illustrated the workbook. Texts and excercises accompanying the artworks in the exhibition Written on Water were written by curator Nada Beroš in collaboration with Ana Majstorović, MSU volunteer and first level student at Zagreb's Ninth Gymnasium Ivan Supek.

Museum of Contemporary Art
Av. Dubrovnik 17,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

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