Pg Art Gallery: More Than One!

More Than One! / Jak Baruh

December 10, 2013 – January 12, 2014

Pg Art Gallery is presenting its newest exhibition, “More than One!” by Jack Baruh, between December 10, 2013 and January 12, 2014.

Baruh is showing collage works made from photographs he has taken in various locations. Delving into the relationship between digital photography and time and space through different cultural signifiers, the artist produces his collages by either combining more than one photo in a work or bringing different photographs next to each other in a specific order.

Baruh divides his works into pieces through super-positioning decreased opacity in space, ordering compositions vertically or horizontally and laying together various signifiers in the same configuration. This situation reflects the tension that came to a traumatic point between the artist’s and viewer’s perception of time and universal time following the digital revolution that has been ongoing since industrialism. Scattered images, inner voices and relative time in the minds of an individual continually desire to overlap with the time imposed on the individual and to co-exist with it on the same line. However, this effort becomes ineffectual for the most part due to excesses or lapses that cannot be filled. The relationships between small and large objects, consecutiveness, the interruption of continuity, the ordering of the same object in different time slots and the extraordinary similarities among various images are the methods he uses in his compositions, reflecting different aspects of the tension between time and individuals.

The signifiers Baruh uses also are in harmony with his style of production and display. The walking staircases, the emphasis on the movement of light, the traces culture and environment leave in an urban city, different photographs showcasing each other’s non-existence, and the similarities between body and space are the products of a post producer who has an eye for capturing without making distinctions among things and who does not apply any aesthetic rules, bringing everything together in the context of time and space.

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