Moravian Gallery, Brno: Naturally: Karel Novák – Jock Sturges

Naturally: Karel Novák – Jock Sturges

26/4/2013 – 28/7/2013

That our civilization has literally submerged itself into nudity (thanks to photography) did not in the least alter the fact that nudity continues to cause embarrassment.  And we are not necessarily talking hard-core. The famous American photographer and his Czech counterpart documenting life in the naturist community have stories to tell. A taboo can be made into a ritual, it can be violated or, as modern practice shows, used for a purpose, but never abolished.

Curator: Jiří Pátek
Author: Roman Franc
Entrance fee: 40/20 CZK
Building: Museum of Applied Arts (Camera)
Opening hours: Wed-Sun: 10-18, Thu: 10-19, Mon, Tue: closed

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