MODEM, Debrecen: The Lines of Beauty

János Vaszary: Adam and Eve

The Lines of Beauty

Nudes in the Antal-Lusztig Collection
1 December 2011 – 26 February 2012

The latest exhibition from the Antal-Lusztig Collection that opens on 1st of December in MODEM deals with the topic of nude. The exhibition, which title refers to the notion of William Hogarth that the line of beauty can be defined, presents a rich material from the fine-art representations of nakedness that continuously play with anonymity as well as with intimacy.

Paintings, sketches, graphics and sculptures got place next to each other in this great thematic unity, mostly the works of classical modernity that not only show nude as the presentations of iconographical topics but primarily as the treasury of the matters of forms: drawing and colours, planarity and plasticity, composition and rhythm.

The notion of nude in the original etymological sense meant the portrayal of motion and, according to this, presented the position of the model and the transition between the movements. It was only afterwards related to the presentation of the naked human body. Due to anatomical interest the undressed models are listed into the academic studies and the topic of nude is positioned in the tension-field of lust-evoking and lusting bodies. We may see the meeting of the expression of immortalized motion and the body striving for entirety; and the spontaneous sketchiness and developed image in well performed nudes.

Imre Ámos: Study

In the history of art this genre used to be only the indirect expression of the body floating between revelation and pudency as the biblical and mythological stories in a peculiar way cover nakedness just as much as they show it.  This “cultural blanket” of fine arts seemed to be as stable for a long time as the borderline between the living model and the seemingly living artwork.

Amongst the others, the artworks of Imre Ámos, Béla Czóbel, Béla Uitz, István Szőnyi, Gyula Derkovits, Lajos Tihanyi, János Vaszary, Dezső Czigány, Béla Kondor and János Mattis Teutsch are presented in the exhibition.

The exhibition is on view between 1st December 2011 and 26th February 2012 on the 3rd floor exhibition hall of MODEM.

MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts
Baltazár Dezső tér 1.
4026 Debrecen, Hungary

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