MODEM, Debrecen: Games, fishes, birds

Games, fishes, birds

Exhibition of István Soltész
15 July – 7 Ocotber 2012

From 15 July István Soltész photographer’s artworks are exhibited entitled Games, fishes, birds in the MODEM exhibition room specially reconstructed for his photographs.

István Soltész is one of those photographers who can counterbalance the relatively narrow horizon of his motifs to suggestive vertical depths and who can reach the basic questions of image and attitude through technical perfection. The focus of Soltész’ meditative works is the imperceptible change of the world and the seizure of indirect presence but they are also about depth and the nature of the focal point.

The locales captured and the familiar landscape regularly rambled represent more than a subjective map. His photo series also show the struggle and individual approach how to express a consistent sensitivity without aestheticizing. Whether  the trails discovered in the landscape or the unusual approach, Soltész’ pictures  enable the onlooker to percieve the changes of the surface, moreover, to suspect the energies which cause these changes.

Games, fishes, birds is the oeuvre of an artist who is well known and acknowledged in professionals’ circles and who is also present on the international scene due to his self-made large format cameras.

Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts
H-4026 Debrecen,
Baltazár Dezső tér 1.

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