MOCAK, Krakow: Utopian Design

Piotr Blamowski

Utopian Design

15.02.2013 – 28.04.2013

Venue: Gallery Alfa
Curator of the exhibition: Delfina Piekarska

Piotr Blamowski’s exhibitions will be presented in two galleries at MOCAK. In Alfa Gallery, utilitarian and decorative objects will be exhibited, including an eclectic bench, a rosary praying game, an Art Deco newspaper rack and a framed trophy. This exhibition will be a reference to the Polish and British design exhibition at Level 0.

Meanwhile, in Beta Gallery a collection of short art films by the design-generation group is shown.

Piotr Blamowski (born 1966) – graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. He is involved with utopian design, proposing furniture and interiors which hark back to various styles and epochs. His trademark is a ‘pathological’ breach of historic styles, with a simultaneous perfectionism in the execution and employing top quality materials. The artist also makes videos. Since 2010, Piotr Blamowski together with the camera operator Michał Sterzyński have been active as the design-generation group. They have made some forty film etudes, which present the grey Polish mundanity in a mode of hyperbolised absurdity.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
ul. Lipowa 4
30-702 Krakow

Opening hours:
Tue-Sun 11 am- 7 pm

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