Merkur Gallery: OLD CITY



16 December 2013 – 15 January 2014

MERKUR proudly presents the colored photographs of Istanbul that has not been exhibited together before, by the master of Turkish photography Ara Guler, who has a distinguished place in the world history of photography.

Adopting the style of a great tradition of social documentary, Ara Guler constantly intersects cinema and literature with each other in his photographs. In every photograph that he takes, there is a life and a movement. Even though his works cover the whole world, his heart always remained in his birthplace and city of his dreams, in Istanbul. 

When you take a journey in Ara Güler's Old Town, you could find yourselves in a wooden bay-windowed house with a smoking chimney through to cobblestones pavements and then to an old fishing boat where you can smell the scent of the sea. The spectator has the control over where the fishing boat goes, what would be experienced in those narrow streets, the sound of the water and the smell of the air. The artist offers a memoir for those who were able to witness that period of time and a visual story to those who grew up with the stories of the period. History comes alive again…

"If my photography of Istanbul hasn’t existed, those old days, would have been forgotten today … There is nothing left from the Old City. The city's aesthetic has changed. Civilization is going forward, but people have lost sense of beauty, "says Ara Güler; his Old City photos will be waiting for you from 16 December 2013 to 15 January 2014. 


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