Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: PULSE



05 March 2013 – 30 March 2013

MERKUR is delighted to announce the upcoming exhibition of its young artist, Duygu Süzen between the dates of 05 March 2013 – 30 March 2013  . The solo exhibition entitled “Pulse” will showcase the works which generate the relation of figure and nature and take the pulse of the subject’s mood in the painting.

Regarding the human as a part of the nature, the status of reflecting th person’s inner world is the indicative  factor of the works. Selected images enable an inner interpretation through the inspire coming from the vital places which belong to the past in the sense of “memory/mind”. As a person inside and outside of the works, the pursuit that the artist wants to generate, takes the pulse of the subject’s mood in the painting while focusing the audiences into the painting. These paper works which was created by using ink and watercolor, have the aim of composing the nature’s presentation with respect to black/white contrast  and sentimental deepness.  The audiences are included into the interpretation process, as to the tale, it is a visual reality which emotively enlightens  the truth.

MERKUR, invites the artlovers to see Duygu Suzen’s memories through her different technique and inner comment. 

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