Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: IDENTITY

Untitled Detail. 225x160cm. Oil. Acrylic. Plexi. 2012

12 March – 31 March 2012
Ercan Akin

From 12 to 31 March 2012, MERKUR will present the young artist Ercan Akın’s second personal exhibition titled IDENTITY with art lovers.

Ercan Akın is aiming to display an individual’s sense of ownership; the places of statue symbols in life; and the change on the identities that defined the individual after the context of time and place had changed.  The artist explained how he discussed the title "identity" of the exhibition:   “My intention is to display the influence of social identity on people.   It is also to focus on how the modern people, who is in search of the ownership of a new identity, re-create themselves in the frame of popular culture and capitalist facts…”

Akın also expresses becoming unidentified – same; and alienation – othering which are brought by the concept of "identity".  At this point, the concepts of “individual” and “ownership” are getting included; sometimes the individual decomposes himself and sometimes he is decomposed and excluded by the identity or the society.  The fact of “identity,” which has turned into “labeling” and being “labeled” in the postmodern society, is formed by the elements gained through social dynamics as well as the characteristic that we have from birth, then it appears as sub and super identities. 

In the exhibition which was started out from these facts, Akın’s unique technique in his figurative paintings dominated by woman images draws attention.  The artist creates new surfaces and different place perceptions in his paintings by using the technique of oil painting on canvas, which left an impression for centuries in the art history, together with Plexiglas, an industrial product of the 21st century technology.

Merkur Gallery
Mim Kemal Oke Cad. Erenler Apt. No: 12 D: 2
Nisantasi – Istanbul


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