Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: CIN ALI, AT THE EXHIBITION

Plane, 140x175cm. Cloth labels pinned and painted on Fabric. 2012


09 May – 31 May 2012

Sabire Susuz representing artist by Merkur, opens her new exhibition titled “Cin Ali, at the exhibition” which includes her new works,  between 9th – 29th of May 2012 at Merkur Art Gallery.

The artist’s works based on meticulously picked, uncoloured pictures – drawings of Cin Ali book serial which was first published on 1968. Nowadays  when “the image is pointlessly perfected” in behalf of art, the “illusion”, reason for being of art and artwork, has almost annihilated. At this point, Sabire Susuz  interpretes the wording of the simplicity of Cin Ali figuration and the illusion created through simplicity, with her own specifical style.

Sabire Susuz explains the Cin Ali fiction, according with her bared phrase, with these words: “Almost reduced to one line, unidimensional forms of the figurs, not using well known painting rules, despite all of these, existence of an obvious and scrutable rhythm, sense and moreover a perspective perception present  the Cin Ali pictures as a “classical work” created through the illusion. This aspect tallies with the bared phrase in my works and constitutes my starting point.”

The artist’s works which have been made from the cloth labels with her own specifical style based on the pixel art aspect, will be on display between 9th – 29th of May 2012 at Merkur Art Gallery.

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