Merkur Gallery, Istanbul: CHAOTIC MARKS


6-28 JANUARY 2012

EZGI DEMIREL, IPEK INAL and YESIM SAHIN will be presenting their works in the early days of new year with ‘CHAOTIC MARKS’ exhibition in MERKUR.

Denizhan Ozer will be the curator of this exhibition which will be between 6-28 JANUARY 2012, artists semtinize the colourfullness and chotic sides of routine life by painting, sculpture and reliefs.

One we deeply look at a human life we can see that people are creating a fictional reality based on themselves and keep themselves away from the natural reality.
Eventhough this fact  might seem for us a symphatic and nice in a colorful, fast and digital athmosphere but the fact is the creation is based of a choas of cultural consumption .

You can visit the exhibition that questions todays life instead of aesthetic anxiety in MERKUR until 28th January 2012.

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