Merkur Art Gallery, Istanbul: Fairy Tales from Artist

Bedri Baykam    
Fairy Tales from Artist

16 November – 05 December 2011

Bedri Baykam will exhibit his latest works on canvas that he produced in 2011 in MERKUR between the dates November 16th December 15th.

His latest works  does not necessaryly look for a subject cohesiveness. Among artist’s usual inspirations are things such as art history, woman, graphity and ancient helenistic art with reference to masters, mythological  legends adds a special depth to those subjects held together.

All kinds of collages, photpgraphs,waste objects, fabrics and different paints give life to these pieces.

Artist’s style and never ending will of re-discovering of himself and reconstruction of one’s self is the common denominator of these paintings. Each painting is a typical Bedri Baykam painting and also a fresh new breath.

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