Meno Parkas Gallery, Kaunas: VIRAGES

Aušra Andziulytė VIRAGES

On the 27th of October (Thursday) at 6:00 pm in the gallery “Meno parkas” will be opened personal exhibition of Aušra Andziulytė entitled “Virages”.

There comes a time, when unwillingly and perhaps even suddenly a memory arises in your mind – an outset of Dante’s famous creation. And you have to look around carefully.

I work with different techniques, different materials, different styles of painting, sometimes all at the same time. There was experiments, explorations of the themes and ways of expression. Search for something that would be defined as mine, close and important to me. Some things have changed and some repeated. It’s like turns, wanderings, returns. You lose one thing, discover another, wander away somewhere, go back and forth again. Sometimes it seems you jumped through time and direction that was get extended one way or the other. And yet you can see that the one who’s been moving and creating – one and the same person.
I have always been interested in space and light, the eternal movement, change, harmony.

The exposition presents the majority of recent and few earlier artworks, the themes are related, but the expression is changed.
P.S. Virage [pranc.virage<virer – turn; change a colour]: 1. a pent stripe of automobile road, velodrome, autodrom in the turn with the pent to the centre of horizontal curve; 2. a stripe of a channal or trench that has traverse slope of bottom; 3. figure of a simple pilotage: a round flying in horizontal plane; 4. turn; turning; 5. phot. colouring one colour black and white image, toning (International Words Dictionary, 1985, Vilnius).
Aušra Andziulytė

The exhibition will be opened until 18th of November.

Meno Parkas Gallery
Rotušės sq. 27, LT-44279,
Kaunas, Lietuva

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