Meno Parkas Gallery: Delivered by Dreams – Aborigines

Zinaida Dargienė. Australian Diary

On the 21st of December was opened the aniversary exhibition „Delivered by Dreams – Aborigines“ of textile artist Zinaida Dragienė at the gallery “Meno parkas” (Rotušė sq. 27, Kaunas).

Curiosity to try something new is the driving force of my creativity. I am looking for the sources of the ancient cultures, which are still alive today and still animates the SPIRIT of humanity.
I saw an exhibition in Tel Aviv Museum of Art a few years back which made a remarkable impression to me. Harmony of geometrical shapes and colours, decorativity spoke about the philosophy of art unknown to me. It was an Australian aboriginal painting.

There was a huge desire to learn more about this culture, to know what those incomprehensible signs speaks to me. I got that opportunity in 2010 and left for the 3 month tour through Australia with great enthusiasm. I visited museums, galleries, aboriginal festivals and fairs. I shoot and took pictures. Once again, I‘ve been convinced that there are many common symbols, significant signs in the phenomena of human culture. For example, creation of the world, birth – death, human – nature relationship, ancestor cult, reverberations of cataclysms, etc.

I am trying to present common Indo-European and Aboriginal mythological motives in this exhibition, using aboriginal style, through my personal vision.

Zinaida Dargienė

Exhibition will be opened until 11th of January.

Meno Parkas Galerija
Rotušės sq. 27, LT-44279, Kaunas, Lietuva

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