Marilyn Piirsalu: Ratastroof. Bicyclops

Marilyn Piirsalu

Exhibition at Loovala, Tallinn, Estonia

16 August – 10 September 2011.

Marilyn Piirsalu (b. 1981) drawings in woven wood objects by Kadi Pajupuu (b. 1963)

The greek word strophe stands for rotationIn this exhibition we present portraits of wheels: bicycle-, cog-, printing-press wheels. The trace of the drawing hand meets the time-drawn patterns of woodgrain. Cooperation process of two artists consists of creating, breaking and gathering just like any other communication. Weaving brings to the drawings the delicate vertical lines of warp, that hold together the torn stripes of wood.

o-o from marilyn on Vimeo.


Loovala open studios

Roseni 10, Tallinn, Estonia

Mon-Fri 11-19, Sat 11-17

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