Make a Point, Bucharest: Syria, Never Gonna Be The Same Again

Exhibition at Photography White Night,
Thursday, 27 JUNE, from 7 pm to 2 am

Foto: Reem Karssli

"Myself, I am an artist, and my own vision about such an ugly war as this one [in Syria] is very present in my works. This is my very own fight, a meaningful one, is the proof which remains for the future about the stupidity and dirtiness of this war" (Samir Sroi)

The conflict which devastates Syria for more than two years now and which made no less than 97 000 human victims (according to UN), forever changed the face of some of the oldest cities in the world. Moreover, it radically changed the way in which Syrian artists see this world.

Make a Point tries to give a digital insight to this agony.

What happens in the world of digitally recorded image, when everyone photographs and on his turn is being photographed, and thus recorded image is shown to the world almost in real time?

The photographical selection implies dialectic between Syria's normality from the beginning of 2011, with its bazaars and its tourists, and some of the same places and people recorded just two years later. Two years in which, theoretically at least, everything was witnessed, photographed, passed on to the world, and every explosion, every wound, every victim has somewhere its own visual proof. Two years in which the world was oversaturated with visual testimonies from Syria.

So why than, one might ask, is an exhibition necessary?

Participatory and interactive, this Make a Point exhibition offers a photographical selection which attempts to send its visitors on a journey through time, bringing them closer to a rather unseen part of the conflict: how does an average Syrian family carry on its existence?
Beyond a political and armed conflict which engaged world's powers, beyond religious segregation, genocide and numbers, beyond Damascus's walls, beyond all this, how close to normality can the Syrian's life still be?

The photos originate, most of them, from the personal archives of a few Syrian artists (illustrators, painters, graphic designers), whose art and way of looking at the world radically changed in the last two years. Parallel to the photo exhibition, The Art Tower at Make a Point's courtyard offers an insight to this brutal change of mediums, means and thematic.

For the very same reasons for which most of the art emerging from Syria today (including the photographical) is anonymous, we protect the identity of the artists participating in the exhibition "Never gonna be the same again. Syria, new face, new art".

An exception is Samir Sroi (b. Syria 1950), whose paintings will be shown at the Water Tower at Make a Point.

Exhibition created by Alma Cazacu, Madalina Rosca, Miruna Stoicescu and Reem (Syria).

This is already the second Make a Point project realized with and for Syrian artists, the first one being an ongoing one: "HELP SYRIAN ARTIST WORK ON! DESIGN YOUR GRAPHICS IN SYRIA".
OPENING HOURS: June 27, 2013 // 19.00 P.M. – 02.00 A.M.S

The exhibition remains open until July 11 and can be visited by appointment.

ADRESS: Sos. Morarilor 1, within Postavaria Romana, sector 2, Bucharest


Make a Point este o cultural association founded in 2009 by three people of art: film critic Viorica Bucur, documentary director Mădălina Roșca and visual artist Alma Cazacu, which brings culture closer. Geographically speaking.

The association organizes exhibitions, shows, film screenings, workshops, public talks and it is a dedicated space for exposing the works and messages of contemporary creators in a place apparently inaccesible to art – a former hall of Postavaria Romana Factory. In 2012 Make a Point won the 2nd Prize for Art and Culture at the Civil Society Galla.

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