Machina Gallery, Rieti (Italy): Fragments of red memories

Cosmin Moldovan: Fragments of red memories
June 30 – September 15, 2012
Opening reception: Saturday, June 30, 6.30 p

'Machina', Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea,
is pleased to annonce the opening of 'Fragments of Red Memories', new works of Cosmin Moldovan.

Am aprins soarele, 53/43/23 cm, 2012

When I "look" at red, sweet smell of childhood hits me before the "West" came, before all these avalanches of colors and forms which sometimes suffocate us, make us forget the simplicity of red ..
Many people say that before the West came everything was dark and gray, but I know for sure that everything was bright red with yellow glow and filled with imaginary toys ridden by me, by you, by all of us.
It all started one morning when I turned the sun, so I started promenade through the orchard with poppies. In the skyline appear The boy who breathed in furnaces, wearing the flag of our memories in the rhythm of heartbeat and copper hammers.
A red shadow covered the Picture with us, mounted on moving furnaces, walking across golden plains of eternity childhood, shaping with mind a snowman riding a breeze in the wind.
Sometimes you are looking for wasted time scattered in the landscape with moving fairy.
Sometimes when I see red I feel like a Scarecrow ready for sacrifice. Finally I squeezed the landscape of your memories, telling mine I opened a maze of doors.

When I say:
-I squeezed your memories landscape, I think of the restriction thinking, removing individuality, another aspect of expression- equality.
-I lit the sun, or those impossible ideals forced to be possible in a system that dictate to you a certain way of thinking.
-Snowman. Riding a breeze in the wind, utopia of those hundreds tons of grain per 1 ha in the period of communism, exaggeration of the facts.
– Sometimes, you are looking for the lost time; you are not the first who do that from solidarity.
– The Promenade in the poppies orchard, it’s a breeze of a fragile idea, a mammoth floating on a soap bubble, a discourse that has no basis.
– Diver riding the situation, a communist grew Not from socialism, a poplar that make pears (excerpt from the speech of Nicolae Ceausescu )
– The boy who breathed in furnaces, is wearing the flag of our memories. representation of that image of Stalingrad
– Scarecrow ready to sacrifice, status quo is for living in a Red system for example, is like sheep prepared to sacrifice.
– Heartbeats and copper hammers, are the rhythms of inner emptiness, devoid of complex state
– Picture with us, mounted on moving furnaces. Romanticism of the working class, pointless sacrifice for the sake of an ideal that is not yours.

Machina Gallery is a a not for profit organization operated by  Claudio Scorretti (Artistic Director) and Bruno Targusi (Managing Director), under the auspices of the 'Fondazione Varrone'.

‘Machina Gallery’ is located in a prestigious 4.000 square meter historical monument in the heart of the city of Rieti, which origins go back to the Roman time.
The Gallery mission is to increase the exposure of local artist as well as introduce  international artists from emerging countries.

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