lokal_30, Warsaw: Zuzanna Janin | Siedmiu ojcow / Seven Fathers

We are very happy to invite you for the opening of the exhibition:


Seven Fathers

The opening within frames of Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2014

Friday 26.09, 5-9 pm

Saturday-Sunday 27-28.09, noon-7 pm

breakfast with the artist: 27.09. noon-2 pm

exhibition open until: 15.11.2014

The focal point of the first solo show od Zuzanna Janin in lokal_30 are her new sculptures – figure of a dancing girl, which refers to the artist’s childhood – Dancer (2014), drones travelling through the contemporary time and space (VOLVO240, transformed into 4 drones, 2014), and Seven Fathers (2014). The eponymous work refers to the artist’s investigations manifest already in her previous projects – above all in Follow Me, Change Me, It’s Time (1995-97) and in In-between (2005-2008). Janin breaks the stereotypical father figure representing authority, power, infallibility and the traditional perception of the relation between the daughter and the father, preserved in paternalistic schemes of hierarchy and obedience.

Janin contrasts the conservative figure with the image of an ordinary man, who marches through life with a burden of weaknesses, and who, regardless of his triviality or extraordinary character, enters into relations with his surroundings, leaving a trace of himself among the people who are the closest to him. Subjecting to vivisection all her relations in which the social, cultural or family role of the “father” has been present, the artist writes letters to men who played that role in her life. As a defiant daughter, Janin breaks the father figure into seven small figurines and locates them on the pieces of the trunk of an old oak felled by a gale. She deconstructs, or actually breaks the traditionally understood fatherhood, revaluates it and turns the fragments of her biography into an important and universal statement on one of the crucial crises of the contemporary times.

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