Leopold Bloom Art Award

Leopold Bloom Art Award

September 07, 2013. – September 29, 2013.

The Leopold Bloom Art Award supports progressive contemporary visual artists in Hungary and their presence on the international art scene. Visual artists based in Hungary could apply for the 10,000 euro award with a proposal for an international exhibition of their artwork. The award does not only aim to support the winning artist, but also helps in the successful realization of the proposed concept of the exhibition. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the more intensive involvement of contemporary Hungarian artists in the international art scene. 

The international Jury of The Leopold Bloom Art Award – Katia Baudin (art historian, Deputy Director and Senior Curator of the Museum Ludwig, Cologne), Annie Fletcher (Curator of Exhibitions at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, and tutor at De Appel, Amsterdam), Tihomir Milovac (art historian, Head of the Experimental and Research Department at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb) – selected the finalists for an exhibition of their works at the Ludwig Museum.

The shortlisted artists are:

Adamkó, Dávid

Alpern, Bernadett

Fabricius, Anna

Kerekes, Gábor

Nemes, Csaba

Péter, Ildikó

Puklus, Péter

Szabó, Eszter

Szigethy, Eszter

The award, founded in 2011, will be granted as a result of the co-operation between the Ludwig Museum, AACAX | Agency for Contemporary Art Exchange and Ireland’s Maurice Ward International Transport and Logistics Group.

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