LENIN STREET, STALIN CITY | Călin Dan @ ALERT studio (White Code).

ALERT studio (White Code). Călin Dan. Opening: Friday 12th of October, 7.00 PM.

Călin Dan, Still life, 20th c., sec. 20, video, NL/RO, 2012. Photo credit: George Niculescu 



An event meant to contextualize historically Călin Dan’s most recent video – "Still life", 20th c. (NL/RO, 2012), while creating a screening environment alternative to the usual black box of the cinema / art gallery. The audience will be offered an improved version of the prison menu and a quick browsing through the secret service files instrumentalizing the case of the artist’s grandmother, a former political convict from mid-20 century Romania.

"Still life", 20th c. alternates the memories of a woman imprisoned by the Romanian communist regime in 1948 with the actions of a little boy preparing the table for lunch at his grand-mother’s place in 1965. Apparently a description of how life unfolded in communist Eastern Europe, the video refers to multiple layers of 20 century history, and involves ideological confusion, guilt, memory, punishment, political oppression, trauma, all wrapped in the banality of a typical struggling working class existence.

Stalin city = Braşov (08.09.1950 – 24.12.1960)


2-4 Mircea Vulcanescu Street , code 010281, Bucharest, Romania.

The exhibition is on view between 12th of October and 26th of October. Visits will be programmed by e-mail.

ALERT studio functions as a pop-up-gallery.

ALERT studio is an independent project initiated by Raluca Demetrescu Alina Buga and Catalin Burcea in order to create a platform of research and promotion of contemporary artistic production. Taking on the function of alaboratory space, Studio Alert proposes a meeting between artists, ideas, directions and speeches from different areas of conceptual and cultural spaces. Critical thinking and interrogation are important and valued as research methods in the contemporary cultural and artistic field.

ALERT studio stands as a gallery project, connecting three areas of artistic exploration – PINK | RED | WHITE – into one space. But these coordinates do not mean indexing, labeling and restriction. They may intersect, combine in new shades, and may always communicate and trigger debat

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