Launch of KIOSK catalogue followed by a film screening

KIOSK catalogue – launch
The entrance hall of Cultural Department of Chisinau (behind Licurici  Theatre)
68 str. Bucuresti, Chisinau
Thursday, April 26, 2012, 5 pm

You are invited to the lauch of the KIOSK catalogue that comprises the  actions organized between 2007-2010 in the frame of KIOSC project –  cultural information point / public platform for participation. The  invited guests are Stefan Rusu, artist and curator, the author of FLAT  SPACE, Ovidiu Tichindeleanu, philosopher and cultural theoretician, co- founder of CRITICATAC platform, Ina Borozan and Andrei Vatamaniuc,  architects.

The discussion will have as reference the activities undertaken in the  frame of KIOSK project after which the emphasis will be put on the  urban transformations taking place in Chisinau during the last two  decades, its outcomes and ideological connotations.

KIOSK catalogue includes contributions offered by artists, curators,  theoreticians, poets, volunteers who took part in the project and  whose works and texts reflect the recent transformations that Chisinau  public space was going through: Aliona Balan și Alexandru Lozinschi  [MD] / Nataša Bodrožić [HR] / Maxim Cuzmenco [MD] / Elena Hall  [UA] / Tonka Maleković [HR] / Szilvia Nagy [HU] / Roman Petruniak  [US] / Maud Revol [FR] / Ștefan Rusu [MD] / Tokmag (Tamás Kovács și  András Tábori) / Daniel Tucker [US] / Vadim Ţîganaș  [MD] /  Răzvan Ţupa  [RO]/ Vladimir Us [MD] / Raluca Voinea [RO] / Tamara  Zlobina [UA]

The catalogue has 136 pages / in Romanian-English languages / design  by Georg Waldman [DE]

The launch of KIOSK catalogue brings officially to end the cycle of  activities supported by the European Cultural Foundation. We would  also like to express our gratefulness to everybody who contributed to  this project, partners and participants.

EYE OVER PRAGUE – screening
68/1 str. Bucuresti, Chisinau
Thursday, April 26, 2012, 8 pm

The launch of KIOSK catalogue will be followed by a screening of the  film EYE OVER PRAGUE (OKO NAD PRAHOU), dir. Olga Spatova, 2009 / Czech  Republic / 78 min.

An extraordinary tale about strongly passionate and elegant architect  Jan Kaplicky with a clear vision of the future who has the biggest  fight on his hands in Prague again. Shot over three years in the UK,  Czech and Italy tells the powerful story of Jan Kaplicky, one of the  most emotional figures in the world of architecture. His greatest  unrealized architectural achievement, the new National library in  Prague means the world to him.

The project called the Eye over Prague is radical, exciting and far  enough ahead of its time to provoke a fair degree of controversy. It  represents a triumphant return to his homeland for the Czech-born  émigré, a vindication of his uncompromisingly forward-looking  philosophy and a tragically poetic ending to his remarkable career.

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KIOSK project:

Following the series of projects titled INTERVENTIONS (2006-2008)  Oberliht association launched the KIOSK project in 2009. Embodied in  FLAT SPACE – a cultural information point and a platform for public  participation, it aims to provide continuity to the previously  organized activities and offer an alternative within a cultural sector  dominated by institutions inherited from the Communist period.  Installed on a tiny segment of municipal ground, squeezed in between  cars aggressively taking over the sidewalks, FLAT SPACE plays the role  of an active agent of bottom-up civic involvement, understanding  cultural engagement as social action capable of producing a critical  culture. The activities built around it address, in its immediate  surroundings, the urgent question of public space. In a broader way  the project offers the basis for the analysis of the cultural, social  and political realities of one of Europe’s suburbs.

Vladimir US

CHIOSC  |  curator

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