Lauba House, Zagreb: Behide


Openning: Thursday, 9 May at Lauba, 8 p.m.

The clothes we wear reflect our character. The materials we decide to surround ourselves with, reflect our sensibility. The objects we use complete and shape our everyday life. We aspired to design an item that would be a reflection of coexistence of items, clothes and space. An item that conceals, but is, at the same time, very breezy and partially transparent. It emphasizes the process of undressing and concealing and enables laying clothes aside. Although it does not fully protect from view of busybodies, with its presence, it separates the space and becomes an item that creates a space of intimacy. BEHIDE, as an item, subtly points to several purposes in the domain of housing and dressing.


Andreja Bistricic and Maja Merlic are the designers behind the creative label DIORALOP. The Croatian duo met in Zagreb, which lead to the launch of their label. . Andreja obtained degree at Faculty of Textile and Technology in Zagreb/Croatia. Graduated from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in 2009 specializing in womenswear, whilst expanding knowledge interning at Alexander McQueen studio. Maja is an architect, with strong sense of texture and style.


Manufakturist is a young company founded with the aim of design and production services. Manufakturist is engaged in pondering and practicing creative interdisciplinary models of cooperation focused on realization and production of particular products. The advantage of Manufakturist stands out in the business model based on the realistic factors of production. Out of cooperation with traditional crafts and work with materials of local origin, the Manufakturist outlines and shapes the product with the application of contemporary design principles that is competitive in its quality and design on Croatian and foreign market. Manufakturist are: Mia Bogovac, Matea Bronić, Dora Đurkesac, Maša Milovac and Kristina Volf.

O.N.E. is a Zagreb-based Art Company producing author and co-author work in the field of performance and contemporary dance, visual and multimedia art. O.N.E. is defined as an art company aiming at connecting artists from the field of the same or interdisciplinary arts for collaboration in artistic projects. The format of the projects varies depending on the purpose and context of this common goal. Through its projects O.N.E. brings performers into a transparent correlation of visual identity and coexistence of the body in space or other visual objects in space that is focused by the viewer. In their projects they address on various topics related to society, perception, art concepts through their specific artistic sensibility.

Lauba House
Prilaz baruna Filipovića 23a
10 000 Zagreb

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