Lauba House: selling exhibition

Have you thought about your New Year's resolutions yet? Maybe you should rather resume the one that has almost passed away… Lauba already has and that's way we saved the best for the end and organized a selling exhibition of  Filip Trade's Collection Finalists. With great pride we present you everything our artists have been working on in the past year!



You will have the honor of being the first ones to be dazzled by the recent works of Lovro Artuković, Ivan Fijolić, Duje Jurić, Alem Korkut, Kristian Kožul, Ines Matijević Cakić, Viktor Popović, Igor Ruf, Marko Tadić, Stipan Tadić, Zlatan Vehabović and Silvio Vujičić. Their colors will overwhelm the black house on December 6th 2012, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy them until January 2013.

The story of the Finalists started in 2009, in Labin, at a public exhibition of the results of the year-long work of the Filip Trade Collection, which follows, produces and presents the younger and middle generation of Croatian artists and their work. It was the first attempt to organize, once a year, an exhibition of all the works bought in that year. Now we have the opportunity to do so every year, in our own space.

The Filip Trade Collection doesn't only sell artworks, it also systematically buys and collects them. Guided by the idea that our program should only present artworks that we ourselves support, the selling exhibition will be comprised from artworks by artists whose works we have already bought.

The exhibition Finalists 2012 will be a presentation of our acquisitions from this year and it will also serve to recommend other works still owned by the artists. It's a fresh production that we try to support through our programme.

Three artists from the show that we haven't yet presented to the public through independent exhibitions in Lauba:

Ines Matijević Cakić was born in Osijek in 1982. She works as a multimedial artist, using drawing, painting and installations. ''Eve and Adam'' (Galženica Gallery, Velika Gorica, 2005), ''Attention'' (VN Gallery, Zagreb, 2005), ''F – 2'' (SC Gallery, with T.Šepetavc, Zagreb, 2005), ''Dots'' (Waldinger Gallery, Osijek, 2007) and ''Penelope'' (Otok Gallery, Dubrovnik, 2008) are some of her independent exhibitions. On the Finalists exhibition we will present The imaginary bestiary – a series of photographs digitally printed on canvas with additional drawing interventions in the sewing technique. The photographs were made through the artist's communication with her daughter and her fascination with the development of the child's perception and wonder at the world around her. The artist questions the private spaces of motherhood and researches the new life role of a mother and the experience of motherhood, through which she then reinterprets and redefines art. The drawings on the photographs are the contours of her private experiences and visualisations made through communication, and also possible visual answers to her daughter's questions and wishes.

Matko Vekić was born in Zagreb in 1970. He works as a painter. His paintings represent various different everyday details (cars, rats, goldfish, bugs, traffic knots and bridges, relays and trunks, terrorists and bodybuilders, football players and models), through which he mostly tries to problematize and ironize the state of modern society. His numerous independent exhibitions in Croatia and abroad include: Nova Gallery (Zagreb, 1996.), Art Gallery (Split, 2003), The Art Pavillion (Zagreb, 2005.). Through his work Inner happenings, Vekić questions the relation between the inner and outer ''me'' by travelling through levels of consciousness.

His artwork combines different techniques, and this series' recognizable motif is the gradation of the symbol, i.e. its decomposition until the level of understandability is reached through the simplification of the meaning of signs, ornaments and emblems.

By doing this, the artist also equates the levels of consciousness by trying to find something deeper in us in order for us to discover new meanings and change our way of seeing ourselves and others. He wants to make us think for ourselves and not simply follow already imposed and defined signs and patterns.

Viktor Popović was born in Split in 1972. His work primarily consists of research in the medium of sculpture. His work was shown on numerous exhibitions, including those in Galić Salon (Split, 1998), Gallery SC (Zagreb, 1999), Art Gallery (Split, 2000), Gallery Galženica (Velika Gorica, 2004), IX Croatian Sculpture Triennial, Glyptotheque HAZU (Croatian Association of Artists) (Zagreb, 2006), Portland Art Center (Portland, 2006), “Project: Delta” (with Branka Juras), Marganovo/Hartera (former paper factory) (Rijeka, 2008). His work entitled Mid-career artist consists of that very same message written in neon tubes. The author uses it to describe himself and the current position of his career, but maybe it also evoques mid-life crises.

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