Lauba Gallery, Zagreb: Shop of Metaphors

Petikat Workshop: Shop of Metaphors; a space of creation, socializing and exchange

27.01.2012 – 27.02.2012

Shop of Metaphors by Petikat Workshop opens on 27 January at Lauba House.

Authors of the project are Stanislav Habjan and Danijel Žeželj.

The Shop of Metaphors is an installation made of white wood and wrought steel, of which the surrounding area is softly defined by light and shadow, chests and ropes, music and voices.

The setting is filled with original products made in small print-run editions, sometimes in several copies or as single copies. Works-letters, works-gifts, works-dedications become objects for use, intimate fetishes, designer products. What captivates at first sight, and from other shores as well, is Danijel Žeželj’s unique artistic expression; with graphic portfolios, comic books and postcards, there’s a new mast on deck, the new graphic novel Industrial.

During these thirty days, Stanislav Habjan will be an everyday participant of ‘the guest household’, shaping and reshaping, listening and answering, reading and noting; the journal of his stay is at the same time the text of the catalogue in progress. The presentation of the catalogue will be the final event of the project.

The Shop of Metaphors is a metaphor itself: a real staging of a fictive store from a just printed picture book. In Lauba House, just like in a picture book – February will be a time for presenting the public with an experimental shop that seeks to find the answer to the basic existential question: How to make a living from figures of speech? Does the best-quality offer of metaphors guarantee the certainty of breadcrumbs? Or will the Helmet of La Mancha be the only thing sold?

This is about a live picture book, a story happening right here and right now, enabling readers to influence the course of their plot. Well, my dear friends, welcome!

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