Merkur Gallery: La-Vi-Da LAVIDA FAKE



28-10-2013 – 20-11-2013

Sevket Sonmez debuts his new solo exhibition, 'La-Vi-Da Lavida Fake' implementing a wide range of elements in his conceptual framework and artistic technique. While wandering among calligraphy, storytelling and images of popular and official culture, he carries his dynamic style of painting to an extreme point, moving from classical painting all the way to modern protest artistic aesthetics.

'Lavidafake' can be seen as the ‘code’ marking Sevket Sonmez’s latest exhibition. Although the phonetic 'tone' game seen in this exhibition was originally designed to enhance the process of creation displayed in these works, it also touches the concepts making up the exhibition’s main body. 

Despite all the weight of the philosophical geist (in Turkish, 'tin'), in this exhibition it nevertheless comes across in childish-like imagery and font. In all of the artists’ works the 'tin' is half-hidden.

The artist re-narrates Alexandre Dumas's Black Tulip story by applying 20th century adaptations to create an up-to-date fantasy. Sonmez draws attention to tense relationship of fake and original. What if the symbol of the righteous act of the Black Tulip’s blossom turns into a plastic flower, one being produced in millions today? What does it lead to when there is a qualification conflict between the representation of a thing and the thing itself? Can ‘good’ and 'beautiful', 'ugly' and 'bad' be represented? Can the original exist without the 'fake'? Can Earth survive without the ‘moon’? Do you have a secret agreement between the heroes and victims? At which point does the world of image turn into ‘writing’–one of humanity’s greatest technological inventions? Which state of representation is ‘FAKE’? 

According to the artist, childish realism is a key method in understanding life. A person gains and loses in the process of learning. Each new knowledge is the result of the situation experienced before. 

Indeed, in many ways, life resembles the journey of Little Red Riding Hood. While singing as she skips through the wood, she comes across the wolf dressed as a ‘fake’ grandmother—an image depicting life itself today. 

Sevket Sönmez’s second solo exhibition in Merkur can be seen between 28th October- 20th November 2013. 

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