Kunsthaus Graz: Untitled (Project Room)

Heimo Zobernig: Untitled (Project Room), 2013 – one year project
Kunsthaus Graz, Space01, 30.08, 18:00

Heimo Zobernig: Untitled (Project Room), 2013 / planning. Eric Kläring

With Untitled (Project Space), the Austrian artist Heimo Zobernig creates the end of his solo exhibition (that until 1st of September can be seen in Space01), a sculpture, inside which opens to a nearly 10m ² reduced exhibition space.

Heimo Zobernig explores boundaries in the exhibition space. Subtly he challenges the classical concepts of exhibition, installation, stage, sculpture, image and furniture. By playing with these definitions, he develops new things from the tried-and-tested, presenting maximal changes with supposedly minimal interventions. Quotations from the history of art and exhibiting in the 20th century continue a discourse that has remained valid throughout the decades.


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