Kunsthaus Graz: Logic and Self-Will

Michael Kienzer
Logic and Self-Will

Duration: 3rd March–6th May 2012
Curator: Katrin Bucher Trantow

Michael Kienzer (*1962) marks a significant position in contemporary Austrian art. His work examines and at the same time looks to break away from accepted viewing habits using a minimalist inspired sculptural idiom that is taken apart into its tactile, semantic and communicative elements. Thereby he is dissecting perception into aspects of description and vision, questioning it through unusual circumstances that often seem to follow a strange or comical logic.

His work takes the audience on a journey that explores the seemingly self-evident construction of everyday knowledge. Following Sol LeWitt and Pedro Cabrita Reis, Michael Kienzer has created a giant sculpture for the upper space of the Kunsthaus Graz. Like the line of a drawing veering out of control, his work opens up the space, surveying and critically measuring.

Kunsthaus Graz, Space01
Lendkai 1
8020 – Graz

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