Kunsthaus Graz: 1395 DAYS WITHOUT RED

Šejla Kamerić & Anri Sala, 1395 Days without Red, 2011

1395 Days without Red – The exceptional circumstances of Sarajevo's besieging in film
Film screening and discussion with Šejla Kamerić at Kunsthaus Graz, film screening Anri Sala at KIZ RoyalKino


Launch event: May 15, 2012
6pm, Kunsthaus Graz, Space02:
Screening of Šejla Kamerić's film, 65 min
followed by a discussion with the artist (in Engl.)
9pm, KIZ RoyalKino: Screening of Anri Sala's film, 43 min

Duration: May 16-20, 2012, 10am-5pm, Kunsthaus Graz, Space02
Screening in loop: film by Šejla Kamerić, 65 min

1395 Days without Red concerns the Yugoslavian civil war, and the besieging of the city of Sarajevo that began exactly 20 years ago and lasted nearly four years. No city in the 20th century had to endure a siege longer, and somehow carry on with daily life. The habitdeveloped among the population not to wear bright clothing so as to not excite the attention of the snipers.

The films accompany a musician on her route through the city. To the rhythm of the music from Tschaikovsky’s Pathéthique, the woman moves through the streets and over junctions. These highly sensitive places have entered the annals of history as Sniper Alleys. Visible from the mountains and from the snipers positioned there, they symbolise the moment of decision between life and death. Correspondingly the woman’s feelings intensify in line with the music. Thus the sudden onset of silence heralds existential decisions which they are faced with at the street junctions – as are the passers-by coming towards them. 

1395 Days Without Red began as a jointly conceived project of Šejla Kamerić and Anri Sala (in collaboration with Ari Benjamin Meyers and Liria Bégéja), but then flowed into two films which have differing focuses. They open the view to the artistic work of both film makers, as well as to their biographical backrounds (Anri Sala comes from Albania, lives in Berlin; Šejla Kamerić is from Sarajevos and experienced the siege and its consequences).

The launch event takes place at the Kunsthaus Graz and KIZ RoyalKino on May 15. At 6pm Kamerić's film will be presented in Kunsthaus' Space02, followed by a discussion with the artist (in Engl.). Anri Sala's film will be on view at 9pm at KIZ RoyalKino. Both screenings will be introduced by Katrin Bucher Trantow.
From May 16-20, 2012, Šejla Kamerić's film will be screened at the Kunsthaus Graz.

Šejla Kamerić’s film was also represented at the CROSSING EUROPE Film Festival Linz.

Commissioned by Artangel
with Manchester International Festival; Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester; MACBA Barcelona; Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (enabled by Han Nefkens); Festival d’Automne, Paris; Arts Council England; European Cultural Foundation; Film Fund Sarajevo; Marian Goodman Gallery, New York; Hauser & Wirth, London and Zurich.
Co-produced by Artangel and SCCA/pro.ba

Kunsthaus Graz, Space02
Lendkai 1
8020 – Graz

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