Kro Art Contemporary, Vienna: Hollow Land – Keep Out!

Kro Art Conteporary

Hollow Land – Keep Out!

September 10 – November 15


. Costantino Ciervo

. Marco Tirelli

. Mladen Miljanovic 

. Ingrid Simon

. Benczúr Emese

. Szilárd Cseke

in cooperation with: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Vienna / Ital. Kulturinstitut Wien

Opening: 10.09.14 / 18h

From September to the beginning of November we will show in our Gallery the exhibition: “Hollow Land – keep out…”, dealing with the topic of migration, sanctioned immigration of the EU, the mythos of the golden west….

Through the economic disequilibrium and social and political instability of their countries, thousands of desperate people went on their way searching for their hollow land. 

A specific and sententiously work is made by Constatino Ciervo. „Mare Nostrum” is a kind of an art documentation of the “Miracle of Riace”. A spot on earth where love of neighbour is fullfilled in a constructive way …

The colleagues of Constatino Ciervo, Mladen Miljanovic, Marco Tirelli, Emese Benczúr, Szilárd Cseke as well as Ingrid Simon will look with their works at this topic from various angles.

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