Kostka Gallery, Prague: Cross Metropolis Machine

Cross Metropolis Machine
Pola Sieverding

28. June – 22. July 2012
Curator: Karina Kottová
Opening: 28th June at 6pm

We could say that the central interest of the promissing lens-based media artist Pola Sieverding is landscape: not in its primary sense, but in terms of surfaces of both the human body and architecture.

In her videoinstallation developed for the Kostka Gallery, Sieverding scans urban renewal architecture in Lisbon and spatial manifestations in Zlín, juxtaposed to mapping the movement of a performer in a club in Prague. Both the subtle skin and the harsh concrete blocks become platforms for a thirsty eye, longing to read the inscriptions of culture, lifestyle or ideology, which they embody.

The slow movement of the camera creates a sense of weirdness or silent drama, which contrasts to the sexuality and serenity the works evoke. The beholder feels like being a solitary stranger in an empty town, left alone by its inhabitants in a hot summer day.

Or perhaps its ideological essence was left already much earlier, such as in the case of Zlín, where the both industrial and social project of the Baťa shoemaking company left behind empty containers of the once present glamour and its agenda to structure life by means of production. This notion can be related to the human body as recording and relating to the diverse forces that act upon it.

Although skin is more ephemeral than concrete, they both last longer than feelings, situations, governments and opinions. In this sense they form a particular landscape, which embodies the past but still hopes for a future.

Pola Sieverding studied at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Surikov Institute Moscow and attained her MFA at the University of the Arts Berlin in 2007. Since then she has exhibited internationally at Aram Art Gallery, Seoul; Tate Modern, London; Art in General, New York; Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin; Lumiar Cité, Lisbon; Lena Brüning Galerie, Berlin et al. Since 2011 she is collaborating with Orson Sieverding on Sonic Interferences that have been performed at Kunstverein Heidelberg and ReMap 3 in Athens.

In 2012 she collaborated with Natascha Sadr Haghighian for her project for dOCUMENTA 13. She has been invited as an Artist in Residence to Ramallah and Lisbon, in 2011 Sieverding was an artist-in-residence in MeetFactory. She was also invited as a visiting lecturer to the International Academy of Art Palestine. Pola Sieverding lives and works in Berlin.

Galerie Kostka / MeetFactory
Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Praha 5

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