until May 31, 2014

INSTRUCTIONS. How to get home in Durlești during nighttime 

Exhibition by Ludmila BOUROȘ


str. București 68/1, Chișinău

What do you do when you are being followed by a strange person on the way home ? Do you run away, or do you count your heartbeats under the pressure of hallucinations?

Few years ago I was assaulted on the street and this affected my psychologically.

Durlesti is a city situated in Buiucani sector of Chisinau, that has around 15,000 inhabitants. This neightbourdhood can be reached by Maxi-taxi, autobus n°11 and n°28, but, unfortunately, the existence of this infrastrcture does not guarantee the security of locals. The streets being poorly lighted, the chances of being assaulted by a burglar or a person with criminal intentions raise at night. Everytime when I walk late in the evening in this city, it frightens me, and the dark atmosphere makes me feel unsecure. I became a victim of dreamlike visions. From my experience and others, I realize that this kind of situations can not ensure the safety of Durleşti families.

My point of view is that in the conditions of these surroundings, the need for security (situated at the second stage in the hierarchy of human needs, according to A. Maslow pyramid) is essential to ensure the physical integrity, the security of the house and family. An unstable environment in which you lack support is not a characteristic of a democratic society built through the prism of human values, that aims at sustainable development. When will we manage to educate society in a spirit of equality? Who should intervene in this case, to provide locals with a well protected public space?

I send a message to local authorities: streets should be better lighted, troops of “carabinieri” should patroll more regurlarly, and taxi service should be more receptive to the calls made in this neightbourhood. I consider that the intervention of public administration is essential for a better public space, but the most important is for all of us to be aware of this issue, and to mobilize toward a safer way of life.

Ludmila BOUROS

Published in #9 POSTBOX magazine

This work was initially presented in the frame of TANDEM festival.

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