period: July 9-12, 2013, 14:00-18:00
location: Casa Zemstvei Guberniale
str. Șciusev 103, Chisinau

«From the Abyss to the Wide Open – Photographic Act, Performance and Supreme Fullness» continues the artistic work «Nature in Abyss» initiated in 2009. It is a life long research that has as central question the affirmation of the photographic act as performance that becomes today the performance of the photography. Despite being in its initial phase the project «From the Abyss to the Wide Open» has already been publicly presented in 2009, inside the cistern of the former Saint Francisco convent, today the building of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University, and in 2011 in Chisinau, capital of Moldova, at ARThotel, titled «Now that we accept the emptiness».

These experiences are related to the materiality of the body and these photographs are related to the concreteness of the material. The body that is exposed to the world, to the energy, and that also emanates energy.

The author attributes certain sensitivity to the material where its structure provides explanation and content for the printing. The printing of what this particular sensitive material is able to register, to fix.

The body and its materiality is a subject to change and entropy – a concrete body, a material body, the body of the house, a body that is subject to the world’s natural disorder.

A sensitive body that has a certain sensitive materiality, where the real is present, where the real is possible to approach and touch.

People develop practices that enable us to register what is not seen, creating a sort of cartography that makes things unnoticed by us visible.

The camera is not a medium par excellence, operating between us and the world – its rather our own material-substance-sensitive-body as well as the body of the world, which are performing the photograph.

The works presented in Casa Zemstvei in Chisinau bring together three series of images: those that record/document the performance of the apartment that affects the fruits, the plants, seeds and the piece of paper placed inside the balcony; those that record the performance of the public space in the city and finally those that record the performance of the forest. It is the apartment that photographs; it is the city that photographs; it is the world as a photographic camera.

Besides the presented pictures in the exhibition one can find the materials that are the actual work and that became central to the documented performances – the drawings of light, as well as the drawings of the atmosphere, of the wind, of the heat, of the humidity – the photo-drawings of all kind of energy in constant motion that is life, that is corporeal or is not corporeal.

This exhibition makes an introduction to the PhD project started by Ana Nobre in 2011.

ANA NOBRE: Ourique, 1984. Currently attends the second year of a PhD in Art and Multimedia at the Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Lisbon, with a grant from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.
Master in Multimedia Art – Installation and Performance and graduated in Communication Design from the same university. She develops and presents regularly work in Portugal, Italy and Moldova.

Flat Space for the Community is a series of events organized in the frame of the EU project SPACES. The SPACES project is financed by the European Union through the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

Vladimir US
CHIOSC | curator

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