Kickstarter campaign for Aesthletics in Moldova

Aesthletics is coming to Moldova to research contemporary sport practice and to create and perform new sports

Sport Invention workshop at Cologne Media Academy


In August 2013, I will collaborate with the Chiosc and the Oberliht Young Artists Association in Chisinau to research Moldovan sport culture, and to invent and perform new public sports in the city. We will start by making a short research publication that investigates Moldovan sport culture in the public realm since its independence in 1991. We are interested in how the change from a socialist state, replete with a large sport infrastructure, to an independent, transitional society affected average Moldovans in regards to sport, physical activity, and play.

Through mapping sport and leasure sites, documenting game activity, interviewing athletes and other sport participants, making photographs, and collecting sport artifacts, we aim to find how sport culture reemerged in the past twenty years and what is happening on the streets right now. Our field research will be published and distributed by Chiosc in newspaper form and distributed throughout their cultural network.

The research project will create a knowledge base for the secondary project phase: to create new public sports in Moldova. Using the catalyzing power of sports, games, and participatory performance, we will create new physical culture both for Moldova and the rest of the world. I will lead a series of collaborative sport invention workshops with artists, athletes, and the general public to understand the aesthetics of sport and sport design, and to create a series of new experimental and expressive public sports.  As well, we will construct a new playing field specifically designed for the new sports in an unused area of the city, and create public sport interventions both there and throughout Chisinau. The project will culminate with the publishing of the newspaper and a final grand performance of our sports at the new field with other concurrent performances and collaborations.

Tom Russotti

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