Bulart Gallery, Varna: Kaloyan Iliev-Kokimoto/ Egocentric`s love passes through his head

14 march 2013 – 6 pm – Bulart gallery – Varna

Kaloyan Iliev-Kokimoto >> "Egocentric`s love passes through his head"

installation, paintings, objects


some notes under line as a key to the exhibition:

* Egocentrism is a tendency to turn itself into a center of the world. It is a normal phenomenon in the children at the age from six or up to seven. During this period comes gradually differentiation between the self and the outer world, but thinking remains mostly subjective: the child looks at the events and issues that arise before him only from his point of view. For example, it says, "Look, Daddy, the moon goes with me." Egocentrism as a selfishness, or even a way of behavior that is driven by the thought of their own benefit, benefit and protection of their interests, usually characterized by a dose of self-love.It can be considered as a feature of character of a person.It differs significantly from the individualism that protects rights of the individuals in general, not just their own.

* Erich Fromm considered egoism and selfishness in terms of psychoanalysis, in his book "The man for himself." It held that the egotist is only interested in himself, of his desires, and he knows only a pleasure – take and never give. from that point of view self-love and selfishness is not only not identical, but are diametrically opposed.

* The term "narcissism" means self-love and connects with a series of personality characteristics affecting self admiration, self-centeredness and selfishness.The term was used by Sigmund Freud speaking about the Greek myth of Narcissus, the man who was destined to fall in love with his own reflection in the water.

* Solipsism (from the Latin "solus" – one "Ipsen" – I myself) e philosophical point of view, according to which exist just "me" or just "my mind", but the rest of the world, including all people not actually exist and they were created by "my mind" and "imagination".

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