Kadriorg Art Museum, Tallinn: Bosch & Bruegel: One Painting, Four Histories

From: Saturday, 22.10.2011
Till: Sunday, 04.03.2012

This international project involving conservators and art historians will see specialists from Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia carry out a thorough study of four paintings, both technically and from the point of view of art history.

The paintings, which originate from the Netherlands in the 16th century, all represent the same composition: ‘Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple’. The exact origins of the paintings, including when and where they were painted and who by, remain a mystery. All four versions of the painting will go on display as part of this multimedia exhibition, which will move on to Copenhagen and Glasgow in 2012. Such devices as infrared and X-ray machines will give visitors an insight into the process of the paintings’ production, as well as a glimpse into the secret world of the conservation of artworks.

Kadriorg Art Museum
Weizenbergi 37
Tallinn, Harju

Organiser Kadriorg Art Museum & curator Grete Koppel


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