Ivan Moudov- “Performing an Exhibition”

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Delta 5, 51000 Rijeka, Croatia

After a one-month stay in Kamov Residency in Rijeka, Ivan Moudov will present his work in a solo exhibition at the Siz gallery. He will present his well-known work Romanian Trick as a site-specific video-installation, as well as his newest work Performing Time. It is a video that lasts 24 hours in which the artist moves the clock in the 24-hour performance according to his own feeling of time. Along with these two works the artist also produced a new version of Tap Water/Rijeka – a signed bottle series containing fresh tap water from Rijeka.

The exhibition curiosity is the new acquisition in Moudov's collection of contemporary Croatian art – a work of controversial ABS Group, which radically condemns malformations society that has failed to create preconditions for the existence of contemporary art and art in general. Glory Hole is another work that will be presented. This work uses the wall that separates the SIZ gallery from the studio of the contemporary artist Nemanja Cvijanović, referring to the extremely unacceptable attitude of Rijeka's audience, media, academia and cultural institutions towards contemporary art and the internationally positioned contemporary artists who are not recognized in their local community.

Ivan Moudov studied Fine Arts at the National Academy of Sofia but he became one of the most interesting artists of his generation by taking action and risks into the public spaces all over Europe. Dressed up as Bulgarian policeman he managed the traffic jams in Austria and Greece, then he made exactly the opposite just a few years later when he blocked two roundabouts in Austria and Germany with the help of a few friends (14:13 Minutes Priority). Walking a thin line of law, the ability to explore roles and power relations and the need to go beyond the protected walls of art institutions is what makes him an artist difficult to categorize. Someone sees Moudov as a thief, someone sees him as a liar – after he has been stealing parts from dozen of other artists artworks (Fragments) or he faked the opening of the Museum of Contemporary Art in a train station in Sofia (Musiz). Some people know him as a museum director, others recognize him as art collector since he learned, again in the street, the trick to earn money by destroying artworks and starting his own collection (Romanian Trick).

Although he doesn’t like to be seen through the roles he has been taking, roles and rules are the tools that he keeps on investigating so as to re-formulate them according to his own priorities. The mask of provocation also becomes instrumental to opening of further issues for debate. This approach made Moudov an artist who moves easily between territories, who is not afraid of crossing physical or imaginary boundaries. This is an attitude that literally emerged during the Venice Biennale in 2007 when he produced his own wine and convinced 63 national pavilions to make a toast with it during the official vernissage (Wine for Opening) – another subtle and sharp work that was revealed the day after along with the Bulgarian hangover… as he himself calls it.

This programme is supported by: The City of Rijeka – Department of Culture, Primorsko-goranska County, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

*Mingle with the artist over refreshments at the opening party

Gallery working hours: 10am – 2pm (Mon-Fri)

or on appointment: +385915216934

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