Invisible exhibition: Ahhaa, Dark Matters 2011

An odd exhibition is gaining renown throughout the world – one that has been visited by millions but which no one has ever seen. Created by German Andreas Heinecke, this immersive and personal idea has evolved into hundreds of exhibits over the years: the visitor delves into total darkness, and is offered an invisible environment as well as the chance to discover his or her hidden powers.

A sense of security will be provided for the astonished discoverers by friendly advice from blind guides, who are at home in a lightless world. Suddenly the social roles are switched and the blind are no longer in the position of needing help – on the contrary, they are the guides here, and a source of support for the sighted. Dialogue in darkness – it’s not only a dialogue with a friendly guide, but a conversation with yourself.

For schools: recommendable from 4th grade
For families: not recommended for little children.

The exhibition area is situated in the very centre of Tallinn: Freedom Square, Vabaduse väljak 9, between january 2011 – december 2011.

Date to be confirmed
More information and booking by phone +372 666 0066 or by e-mail:

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