International weekend: Damla Özdemir


Since childhood I have used all my strength and ability to properly express myself in various ways. I wrote, drew, chose silence, touched, cut, sewed and combined; I always expressed myself. This was a natural way for me to get things out of my system, out of my mind. Others called it creation whereas for me it was more a form of discharge. By means of infinite cyberspace, I use materials which I collect and mix, mess and integrate forms. I use everything; to combine and actually eliminate its true meaning, to find new meanings or create no meaning at all, to make it meaningful or meaningless; these thoughts are all a form of free conniption. The machinery behind the creation, my subconscious; I do exactly what it tells me to do.

An inspirational source has been 20th century sci-fi. I remember fully experiencing and living deranged atmosphere. The simplicity of avant-garde and constructivism captured in a single moment threw me into depths of cyberspace. There I was a creator and maker and also a consumer who felt more and more delight towards the things I made.

I am at a transitional stage; I want to bring these creations into a more reachable and touchable atmosphere where they can be interactive within its contained world. To be able to feel the surface and see the depth is my main purpose. I am in constant flux between cyberspace and external reality…

Recommended by Silvia Pintilie

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