International Ceramics Workshop 2013 – GALATEEA TODAY

International Ceramics Workshop  2013 – GALATEEA TODAY
The “Brancoveanu Palace” Cultural Center , Mogosoaia, Romania

August 1st – 13th , 2013

We have the pleasure to  invite you to the International Ceramics Workshop  “Galateea Today” during  the period August 1st to 13th 2013.

The International Ceramics Workshop  2013 organized by The “Brancoveanu Palaces” Cultural Center and Galateea Gallery Contemporary Art (an exhibition space The Visual Artists' Union of Romania – UAP)

 The “Brancoveanu Palaces” Cultural Center is a Public Culture Institution under the authority of the General Council of the City of Bucharest which promoting contemporary art through exhibitions and workshops, provide creative residencies for Romanian and foreign artists and supports Romanian cultural projects in the international context.

Galateea Gallery Contemporary Art aims to promote Romanian contemporary ceramic art through the development of partnership and collaboration with international ceramics centers and galleries .

The participants artists in the International Ceramics Workshop:

Szilvia Ortlieb (Austria)
Andrea Éva Szőcs
Brian Kakas (USA)
Ilie Rusu (România)
Simona Tănăsescu (România)
Georgiana Cozma (România)

The Workshop will have an educational scope and shall be open for a diverse audience. The public will be able to interact with the artists and assist to this exchange of experience.

Throughout the workshop photo recordings will be taken from various stages of work which will be assembled into an informative material to be presented at the conference in  the Galateea gallery  on September 26th , 2013.
The completed art works will be the subject of an exhibition organized at the Brancoveanu Palaces Cultural Center, Mogoşoaia (September 8th to October 12th, 2013).

The program with public:
August, 10th and 11th, between 16.00 – 18.00

Galateea Today is a project initiated in order to celebrate in 2013  a 60 years anniversary of the Galateea art gallery, a name which was established  38 years ago and which made  it famous over the years. This year, the gallery will also celebrate two years since modernizing and re-opening it with the scope of redefining the visual and conceptual art exhibition space for contemporary ceramics.

The project includes a series of three events aimed at defining new artistic ways of expression and communication through ceramics materials, art techniques and technologies.

Workshop Coordinators: Cristina Bolborea, Doina Mandru
Project Manager: Georgiana Cozma

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