International Architectural Summer 2014 Workshop

International Architectural Summer 2014 Workshop to be held in Cyprus

We are in the delightful position to contact you regarding the above mentioned subject. We are representing a team of Young Architects who are currently in the process of organising an architectural workshop in the European island of Cyprus. The Founders of this workshop are Kleopatra Papapetrou, Architect, Cyprus and Stefani Kefala, Architect, Cyprus. We would be more than happy to collaborate with media partners who will help us promote this idea through notices, articles, promotion and any other advertising items. 

We have created an architectural workshop under the name "YArch-workshop", which derives from the words Young Architects – workshop. We are pleased to invite in our workshop architects, students, artists and designers from all over the world, as well as people from different expertise who are interested in architecture. YArch-workshop is programmed to be held in the summer of 2014 for two weeks.

People who will take part at the workshop will have the great opportunity to get familiar with all stages of implementing an architectural project in real-life, from design to construction in 1:1 scale. It presents a challenging framework consisting of design workshops, field trips and seminars, debates on theory and practice of new architectural ideas. We are going to organise an architectural competition prior to the workshop and anyone who wishes to participate can do so. The competition’s goal is for winning projects to be constructed during the workshop giving a great opportunity to Young Professionals to promote their work. The main aim of the workshop is the cooperation between lovers of architecture from different countries and schools, who will be working together and will have the opportunity to exchange views, ideas and experiences.

It is worth to be noted that among other things, the main objectives of the workshop are:

·       Social and professional links between architects from different countries,

·       Architecture students’ practical training in construction techniques and details in order to apply all their theoretical knowledge,

·       Culturing team-work and friendly-competitive spirit and professional awareness,

·       Exchange of culture between participants regarding architecture and their civilization,

·       Study the existing urban fabric of a selected city of Cyprus and propose new ideas that will improve it,

·       To become an incubator of innovative ideas both in design and construction,

·       Invite and inform the wider public at the final exhibition about the participants’ creations at the workshop,

As a follower of architecture, your assistance will be much appreciated. In return, YArch-workshop could include your organization’s name and logo or other advertising item you would like to share on all of our promotional material. Supporters and followers isn't just a promotional tool for publicity and customer loyalty, it can also be expected to generate good will and awareness to Young Architects at international level.

To be more specific, we would be more than delighted if we could be supported not just through basic mutual promotion, but we would like to also invite media partners to our exhibitions and open-days, in order for material (photos, articles etc.) to be published of real life structures that Young Architects will design and built during our workshops. Our goal is for Young Architects to have the opportunity for their work to be published in order to give them a voice to their vision, as well as for cities to be understood and give Young Architects the opportunity to study different cities and improve them.

For more information you can visit our website We remain at your disposal for any necessary clarification.

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