instalart/sculpture/ 001 @ aiurart

instalart/sculpture/ 001

between the 26th of September and the 15th of October instalart  presents at aiurart 

the instalart/sculpture/ 001 Project. 

Varnishing Day will take place Wednesday, the 26th of September, after 19:00 hours.

instalart/sculptura/001 invites:

Patricia Teodorescu, Marian Zidaru, Mircea Roman, Cristian Raduţă, Sebastian Bârlica, Gheorghe Rasovzky and Marius Leonte

To aiurart, 

the premier visual arts open doors space in Bucharest, a carrefour of shared artistic experiences fusing contemporary and pragmatic arts, such as architecture, design and the media.

"We aim to bring into focus contemporary visual arts, sculpture, design as well as urban and natural interventions. We aim to present internationally recognised artists who are yet to become household names in their own countries of birth i.e. in our own country, Romania. We aim to discover and challenge untapped, talented youths. We aim to convince people that interacting with contemporary arts may improve the way in which we live, think, feel and see things.” 

instalart/sculptura/ 001

We are living in a rich cultural space.

We would like to suggest that you spare a shard of your much challenged attention onto some of the people milling around, most eloquent and able to leave you in sheer awe at their ability to put together a couple of stones and a wooden stick, and then getting the entire world’s gaze focused onto its meaning… or simply managing to put a smile onto our stony faces or draw a sigh out of your troubled souls… letting us know that we too have the potential ability to operate such given human traits. Sure enough, operating them is one thing, whereas becoming conscious of them is quite another… Lest one forgets, the topic here concerns artists and, in particular, sculptors.

We aim to set up a Sculpture Park. In French, this endeavour would be called Jardin de Sculpture. In German, it even acquires musical undertones: Skulpturenpark.

We announce the launching of instalart/sculptura/001

We invite some of the artists in whom we believe most. We help them produce what must be humanity’s premier value: art. We are not launching any particular topic. We are simply inviting them over, fair and square. We are going to exhibit their sculptures where you would expect it least. Eventually, they will end up in the Sculpture Park, where we will all enjoy them. And enjoy the park, too.

We want art lovers and people who believe in the power of art. We want you to come on Wednesday, the 26th of September, after 19:00, at Aiurart, 21, Lirei St., so that we get to know each other better.

Sponsors: Editura Vellant, Ţîrdei Law Office, Tempos, Zeppelin, Igloo, 24 fun, Money Magazine, Kaustik, Sfera Plastic Design, Modernism, Veioza Arte, Designist, ArtClue, Make A Point, Vice, Agenţia de Carte, Liternet.

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